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Leverage the best of Entelect and training tailored to your environment to grow your software developers and increase productivity

Access Entelect’s proven ability to rapidly upskill software developers through a tailored training programme.

Developer++ Training

A programme containing the technology, tools and domain from your environment is created after consulting with your Development Managers and Architects.

We mix your requirements with our established practical hands-on training to:

  • Understand business drivers and trade-offs
  • Practice pragmatic problem-solving
  • Experience how agile teams operate
  • Balance best practice, quality and timeous delivery
  • Create a lasting culture of learning and teamwork

Programmes are offered in various flexible formats to suit your teams’ requirements

Training modules

Build a course from any or all of our modules:

  1. Programming fundamentals, patterns and concepts
  2. Web development with Java, .NET, Angular, React and Vue
  3. Mobile development with native or hybrid frameworks
  4. Databases: types, design and querying
  5. Business analysis: gathering and writing good requirements
  6. Working in teams with agile principles
  7. DevOps: version control, deployments and automated testing
  8. Software quality practices: code reviews and demonstrations

Tailored formats

  • 1 Month: End-to-end bootcamp covering all modules
  • 1 Week: Focused on selected modules
  • Full-time and part-time options available


Pricing is based on the size of your group and the format required.

SQL Training Courses

Entelect offers several short, high-impact, SQL training programmes for developers or analysts of any level.

Introductory DBA

How it works
This Introductory DBA course will cover the foundation of being an effective database administrator.

Who should attend
This course is intended for ‘accidental DBA’, who have found themselves in the database administrator role without prior experience.

Topics covered
Backups, restores, and strategies
Understanding of RPO and RTO
Consistency checks
Recommended maintenance
Configuration settings
Installing SQL Server
Provisioning and managing databases


How it works
This programme assumes basic familiarity with databases and will cover the fundamental concepts of T-SQL.

Who should attend
Software engineers, data scientists, analysts, and others who need to write T-SQL.

Topics covered
Overview of T-SQL
Query clauses
Subqueries and CTEs
Numbers and calendar tables
Windowing functions
Pivoting and unpivoting data
Grouping and aggregations
Sorting and limiting rows


How it works
This course covers the basics of SQL Server indexing and how to create indexes to support a database’s workload.

Who should attend
This course is aimed at people familiar with SQL Server databases and queries.

Topics covered
Designing non-clustered indexes
Indexing for equalities, inequalities, ORs
Include columns
Filtered indexes
Column store indexes
Avoiding duplicate indexes and index consolidation
Using the execution plan to choose indexes

Developer++ is born out of Entelect’s proven ability to rapidly upskill developers in readiness for a variety of software development environments. With an emphasis on real-world technology, projects and methodologies, our students learn to adapt fast and focus on delivery.

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