Offshoring to South Africa

The right balance of cost, quality and culture

Entelect has an international track record delivering in remote and distributed environments for customers across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia, with zero compromise on collaboration and engineering quality.
Avoid the most common offshoring challenges, by collaborating with teams with shared language, familiar culture, and long term retention.


Our multi-disciplinary software delivery teams work with customers around the world. We accelerate projects by integrating into existing agile delivery models, or functioning as an independent scale partner.

Cross-functional teams

Entelect teams thrive on solving complex business problems through technology, using the same multi-disciplinary team-based model for both offshore and onshore engagements.

Critical thinking

Collaborative and agile software creation is the default, and our ideas and critical thinking are applied to requirements at all times.

International presence

We have an international presence with offices in South Africa, New Zealand, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and have the ability to service both offshore and onshore engagements from these locations.

Why South Africa

With a strong affinity to western culture, the South African software engineering workforce places a focus on being intuitive, critical and collaborative. Cost is important on any project, and although South Africa’s software development costs are lower than most developed markets, the cost saving does not result in a poorer quality of service or output quality.

No compromise on quality and capability

South Africa has a unique offshoring value proposition – high quality software development at a competitive price point. We match onshore capabilities in problem-solving, engagement and quality, but at a lower cost.

Our capabilities are broader, and we can manage complex, large deliveries, as well as provide a higher level of quality delivery compared to traditional offshoring destinations in eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

A favourable exchange rate further creates price advantage.

Business-friendly environment

South Africa has a growing talent pool with an increasing number of people going through software development training at grassroots and tertiary levels, at globally accredited institutions.

Modernised information and communications technology infrastructure and the growing adoption of next-gen technology have resulted in South Africa’s commendable ascent on the Ease-of-Doing-Business index.

The country also has a solid legal system that respects privacy and intellectual property rights, creating a safe and business-friendly environment for international investors.

Cultural match

South Africa has a highly collaborative, results-oriented workforce with a strong cultural affinity with markets like Europe, Australia and the US.

South Africans are resourceful and entrepreneurial, and the country’s IT professionals thrive on solving business problems.

The country has a native English-speaking workforce with a strong education system.

Countries with strong educational systems, particularly in the sciences and at tertiary levels tend to produce a consistent supply of IT talent. South Africa has a strong university education system with international alignment and accreditations.

South Africa has a central time zone (GMT+2) and therefore has some part of the workday overlapping with all foreign countries.

South Africa: An offshore technology services contender

For 22 years, Entelect has been running diverse technology teams for a global customer base. Read more on our experiences operating offshore engagements that deliver results, while maintaining compelling cost savings.


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