Sourcing technology talent

Global demand for technology talent has created a vacuum for skilled or experienced professionals in the spaces of software development, analysis, data and design.

We need these people to create the technology-based platforms which are growing or transforming our businesses, or our clients’ businesses.

Finding and recruiting people who are skilled in these areas, and are a fit for company culture, projects and strategy has proven to be a challenge quite different to most other industries. A challenge we all share.

These are insights into how we approach all aspects of recruitment at Entelect, and a window into the practices we follow to successfully attract, assess and onboard people in a highly competitive landscape.

What’s in the publication

Magnetise your EVP

Entelect is a people-first organisation, over the years we have focused on creating a distinct and relatable employee value proposition (EVP). This is our primary candidate drawcard.

Find the right candidates

We know that finding the right skilled IT workers requires tenacity, time, and effort. Together with our talent acquisition team, Entelect follows these steps when searching for the right candidates.

Conduct smart interviews

The interview is the ultimate opportunity to convince a candidate of your value proposition and make your recruitment marketing real. We believe it takes loads of practice and great judgement to assess for skill, fit and experience while still creating a space for mutual sharing and respect.

Ensure a welcoming and insightful onboarding

First impressions matter. Change is scary, so we have taken these opportunities to take some of those fears away.

Recruitment is a journey for the candidate

We believe that recruiting technology talent is a leadership problem, not an a HR problem. The entire journey from the initial contact to their exit interview (or retirement!) must receive attention and consideration from our full leadership team, and we always ask ourselves whether it speaks to our EVP.

There are a few key principles here.

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