Silica’s replatforming for investec asset management


Silica and Entelect embarked on a set of projects to revamp and reengineer the Investec Asset Management Services (in the future to be known as Ninety One‎).

The aim was to replace a set of legacy systems that were aging in both process and technology, that weren’t flexible, scalable or easily maintainable.

These systems tended to lead to archaic practices and process for business, increasing inefficiencies and increased costs. Key deliverable was to create a simple, secure, efficient, modern service-based API to facilitate multi-party and multi-application integration to cater toward demand from clients and partners for direct integration which weren’t available in the legacy systems.

The system fosters a customisable, continuously evolving, online ‘financial eco-system’ with advisors, investors, and integrators. At the same time, it minimises costs, maximises efficiency and increase market competitiveness.

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