Institutional investment dashboards for a large European investment manager


Nationale-Nederlanden (NNIP) is one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the Netherlands. Entelect is assisting NNIP with their reporting solution for institutional investments clients. The primary focus of this team is to focus on expanding the reporting capabilities and ensuring that all contractual obligations according to client requirements are met.

The solutions we are working on are focused on providing timely, accurate and easily accessible information, where clients can interact with the data.

We are developing systems and tools which provide a seamless environment where the client can access all reporting in one location.

The technology context at NNIP includes modern cloud-based technologies, and data integration using AWS and Denodo to ensure that data is available on the reporting platforms. We work collaboratively within a diverse team that also invests time in understanding the data and the importance of different influences on investing.

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