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The Omnia agriculture division’s competitive edge lies in Nutriology – the science of growing. This is Omnia’s business philosophy and involves more than just selling fertilizer to farmers – it is about optimising yield and crop quality to maximise returns while reducing farming and environmental risk.

Several years ago Omnia and Entelect put heads together for the first time to put real technology passion and skill behind a set of novel and innovative agritech ideas. Entelect provides Omnia with guidance and implementation of big data, cloud strategy, and digitisation.

Agricultural advisors can provide farmers with advanced data-driven services that should increase yields, improve efficiencies, reduce risk and ensure long-term sustainability.

The Omnia mobile and web solutions provide internal agronomists and sales representatives with a consolidated view of Omnia Fertilizer’s recommendation and sales processes, equipping the team with efficient tools to handle administrative tasks and adding value to their clients’ businesses.

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