Our Story

Where we started

Entelect was founded in 2001 out of the Electrical Engineering school at Wits University in Johannesburg by Dr Charles Pritchard who was lecturing there at the time. Equipped with a strong vision to build a technology services company that delivers quality solutions and a knack for identifying talent, he started to introduce the best university graduates into the marketplace.

A culture-first organisation

Since then, we have evolved and grown into an end-to-end technology services business based on the following culture and principles:

Growth isn’t optional. We invest heavily in making sure our people are learning, growing and are at the forefront of industry in terms of their knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge. As individuals and as a business, we want to continually improve, grow, teach and assist.

Get things done. We take ownership of delivery, showing professionalism and urgency, while delivering solutions that make a business impact for our customers.

Relationships set us apart. Creating technology solutions requires tight-knit teams with a positive, family spirit. Those teams are made up of our people and our customers’ people, with a one-team mindset around delivering value.

Endless possibilities

While our business has changed dramatically from those early days tucked away in a small corner of a university, and has seen us open offices in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria), New Zealand and The Netherlands, we have never strayed from the principle of only hiring people with a passion for using technology to add business value.

Our philosophy and our culture continue to allow us to help forward-thinking businesses around the world achieve their objectives through the delivery of end-to-end technology solutions.