Our Leadership

Entelect’s management team are actively engaged with every customer and project. We are highly available, and invested in building long-term partnerships everywhere Entelect reaches.

Shashi Hansjee​​​

Chief Executive Officer​​

Shashi is passionate about getting the best out of people and helping businesses to succeed through excellence in strategy and leadership. His goal is to make Entelect a global leader in technology services by creating an environment where the best technology professionals can thrive and grow, while formulating and delivering technology solutions that help great businesses to become more.

Shashi holds a Master’s in Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand and started his career as an analyst developer. His strategic mindset, strong leadership abilities and drive for continual improvement have been crucial in making Entelect what it is today.

Timothy Kroon

Chief Operating Officer

As Entelect’s COO, Tim leads the operational teams in the business, and oversees delivery across our customers and projects. Tim has been at the centre of building and scaling a world-class delivery culture that focuses on sustainable customer success and getting things done, as the business continues to grow globally. 

By raising the bar and having a big picture view on problems, Tim works with the leadership team at Entelect to ensure that the business is tracking on its strategic goals. Tim holds a BSc Honours in Information Technology from the University of Cape Town and started his career as a software engineer at Entelect.

Matthew Butler​​

Chief Technology Officer​​

Matthew is Entelect’s customer champion, he is usually the first problem solver through the door, and operates as the conduit between Entelect and customers as projects are formed and relationships are established. Matthew leads the business development area of the business and focuses on understanding and influencing people, problems and ideas before fitting them to Entelect’s teams.

Strategically, Matthew drives Entelect’s aspirations for new business which will diversify and grow the company footprint, draw in the most capable engineers, and build lasting partnerships. Matthew joined Entelect in 2009 after completing BSc Honours degree in IT at the University of Johannesburg.

Management Team

Yatish Parshotam​​

Managing Director:
New Zealand

Eros de Haas​​

Managing Director:
The Netherlands​

Doug Crawford

Managing Director:
United Kingdom

Daniel Manyemwe​

General Manager​

Orlanda Ventura-Andersch​

General Manager​

Sheldon Lyne​​

General Manager​

Ryan Naude​​

General Manager​

Tomislav Ravić​

General Manager​

Candice Gouws

Talent Acquisition Manager