Graduate bootcamp raises the bar at Entelect

The following topics and technologies were covered:

  • Java Basics (language basics, the jvm, java packaging, running and compiling java applications, best practices)
  • Maven and Continuous Integration (maven lifecycle, dependency management, continuous integration)
  • Java Enterprise (Intro to Java EE and Application Servers, EJB’s, Web Applications, JPA)
  • Spring (IoC, bean lifecycle, Spring MVC, Spring Webservices, Spring ORM)
  • Java - Working with Enterprise Applications (debugging, setting up an app server, quality assurance, common plugins, debugging techniques)
  • Version Control (svn, git)
  • Architecture (3 tier architecture, OO basics, Exceptions, dependency injection)
  • Microsoft .NET Basics
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Agile principles and practices
  • SQL (joins, case statements, error handling, primary keys, indexing, stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, etc.)
  • NuGet
  • Introduction to Linq using C#.Net
  • Web Development using C#.Net
  • T4 templates and scaffolding using C#.Net
  • Azure
  • Testing

Thereafter, the attendees completed mini-projects which were comprehensively critiqued and reviewed by our lead architects before being deployed into our systems environment.

The graduates have now joined our various teams to round off their apprenticeship with real world experience on some of the largest enterprise systems in South Africa. Between this experience and the practical and theoretical knowledge gained in the bootcamps, our graduates have had a major springboard and head start into their professional careers.

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