Formal Microsoft partner certification

"We have been toying with whether or not to get certification for some time", says Pritchard, "as we have always been, and will remain to be, technology agnostic. However, we are finding that Microsoft makes our development life a whole lot easier in a number of arenas, which is in line with our objective of building systems quicker and more cost effectively than our competitors. So we need to be armed with the best tools and partner with the suppliers of relevant technologies".

Bhavnesh Jairam, one of Entelect's programme managers, has succesfully taken the initiative for the company and gone through the Microsoft ceritification process. "Our next step is to become gold partners - for which we already qualify as a result of systems development and trained professionals in this field" says Jairam. "Thereafter we aim to initiate partnerships with other vendors such as Sun Microsystems on the JAVA front, as we also do development work in that area", says Software MD, Martin Naude.

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