Entelect’s 2016 graduate programme

So far this year, Entelect has hired 30 top-of-the-class graduates and post-graduates from reputable institutions across the country. These individuals are currently undergoing Entelect’s graduate bootcamp to accelerate their careers. Bootcamp includes two months of intensive practical training on software development in an enterprise environment, using the industry’s most popular technology platforms, as well as being guided by Entelect’s best technology leaders.

The graduate programme offers the services of these graduates to existing Entelect clients on a no-cost and no-commitment basis for up to three months. With companies investing in their own graduate work-force and with low market confidence in entry-level skills, this programme is designed to provide an incentive to utilise high-calibre graduate skills and to take advantage of the hands-on experience and low ramp-up times that the Entelect Graduate Boot Camp provides, at entry level rates.

Tim Kroon speaks about graduate opportunities and the 2016 Entelect graduate programme.

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