Entelect Foundation supporting 45 underprivileged children

From a mentorship perspective, children are broken into small themed groups according to age, including a class for adults, with a few Entelect volunteers leading each programme. Themes are broad and cover topics such as mathematics, languages, digital citizenship, career planning, entrepreneurship, IT literacy and financial management. The idea is to make the sessions as interactive, fun and personalised as possible.

"I think as professionals we forget the amount of knowledge and experience we have accumulated, and often take it for granted that everyone has the same support structures as we do. Simply pointing someone in the right direction, giving advice or helping an individual overcome a personal obstacle, however small it may seem, can have a significant impact on one's life down the line. Not only do the children and guardians come out of small group sessions feeling inspired, but so do the tutors - it's a win-win for everyone!" says Charles Pritchard, Entelect CEO.

If anyone would like us to share experiences and provide guidance on running a similar programme, please contact us.

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