Entelect drives internal R&D efforts

"Many of these individuals have MSc degrees and cum laudes behind their names, and it won't surprise us if we have the most degrees and distinctions per head than any other software development company in South Africa", says Entelect founder and CEO Dr Charles Pritchard. The challenge now is to "collectively channel these creative minds into generating something that will take us to the next level".

Entelect Software's Managing Director Martin Naude has been putting together training (mentorship) programmes for new staff, technology forums, and more recently product innovation forums to drive internal Research and Development. The challenge is to "organically reach our goals - which are big - and at the same time have fun getting there", says Pritchard and Naude. Some ideas that are being thrown around are in the mobile and internet arenas, with one of the objectives being to "quickly and easily enable smaller businesses from an applications and IT perspective without the prohibitive costs involved.... Of course creating a product with mass appeal, would be the jackpot!"

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