LEGO’s Lars Silberbauer will be keynote speaker at Entelects year-end 2017 speaker series.

With a wealth of experience in digital media, Lars joined the team in 2011 and helped the company achieve explosive growth. In Danish, LEGO loosely translates to "play well" & and is the foundation of their philosophy. By rethinking everything they do, LEGO has transformed itself in the eye of the consumer and Lars has been at the forefront of the latter part of this transformation. As recently as 2011, LEGO had absolutely no presence in social media, but under his stewardship, Lars moved it to one of the leading brands in the world on social media in just a few years. His approach is to constantly challenge the status quo. A great example of this being when he famously ran the $100 marketing campaign, forcing his team to think outside traditional marketing parameters. This approach has helped transform the LEGO brand at a time in its history when the brand was recuperating after near failure. Currently, Lars is taking the brand on another journey to reposition itself in the value chain, from block builder to much more. The 83-year-old Scandinavian company from Billund, Denmark, has survived factory fires, economic hardship during World War II, kept the company thriving through four family generations, and recovered from near bankruptcy in 2004. Nowadays, it is nothing less than iconic and an industry leader in innovative thinking. We are looking forward to spending time with Lars and challenging our thinking about the status quo!

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