The data science behind driver behaviour

The data science behind driver behaviour

Insure Telematics Solutions is a remarkable motor telematics organisation offering data-driven driver behaviour analytics and tools spanning first notification of loss (FNOL), claim insights and risk modelling. For the last few years, Entelect has shared an exciting technology journey building and refining the models and technology that underpin these services. From crash-alert algorithms able to accurately distinguish true incidents from false ones to the recreation of an incident through data, it is safe to say we’ve had our hands full cleverly collecting, storing and transforming data to provide an intelligence offering that is poised to drive their business forward.

Watch Jurgens Els and his team share the story behind transforming their business by reinventing their products, with the assistance of Entelect. We’ve spent months putting our minds together, and pulling in the skills required to research, architect and build complex real-time data streaming and analytics and IoT – and today this holistic/e2e solution is running on Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

ITS now boasts massively improved accuracy and response times in their FNOL model at almost 90% and virtually real-time. We’re both proud of these industry-leading technology platforms now beating at the heart of their organisation, and equally so of the way in which we were able to work together seamlessly while continents apart. With Entelect’s team of data scientists, data engineers and software developers in South Africa working virtually side-by-side with the product and architecture minds at ITS in the United Kingdom, we’ve collectively proven it is possible to run a distributed and collaborative technology delivery effort that delivers.

At Entelect we understand the true impact that non-delivery has on reputation and in the form of missed opportunities. Our teams have a proven track record of delivery in all aspects of creating technology solutions, from strategy and design to development, testing and rollout. We support great modern businesses in every industry who are differentiating themselves through technology.

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