Entelect announces partnership with Salesforce

Entelect is excited to announce a new partnership with Salesforce, and an expanded offering to include Salesforce solutions and integration skills within our stable. Our presence in the Partner Network allows us to offer these capabilities to customers within all regions.

The Salesforce toolkit has grown significantly to become one of the most adopted and loved enterprise CRM platforms around the world. Entelect’s new Salesforce teams represent a step forward in our ability to assist customers who are introducing or expanding their Salesforce implementations, and to be better geared to offer Salesforce solutions as a component of larger technology initiatives we are frequently involved in.

Our mission is to assist customers to fully realise the potential in the Salesforce platform. This means leveraging our full breadth of skills across analysis, development data, engineering, and experience design to create coherent and integrated solutions that can fully harness the promise behind the modern Salesforce modules.

Salesforce offers an integrated CRM platform that powers the entire suite of connected apps that can be leveraged to enhance customer experiences. The platform provides a collaborative way to rapidly create and manage customer experiences by keeping data in one place, and bringing together multiple departments to empower more connected teams with the same data. s to life. One which can prioritise customer experiences, and unite marketing, sales, and commerce whilst still offering a substantial degree of flexibility.

With decades of experience building bespoke and modern digital experiences for our customers, a substantial amount of our projects touch Salesforce via integration, or even building on the platform itself.

This makes a partnership with Salesforce a natural fit – and as a catalyst, Entelect will be further enabled to build out entire eco-systems that best serve Salesforce as a chosen CRM for regional clients.

If you are looking for a customer relationship management solution for your organisation or Salesforce expertise, reach out to us

About Entelect

Entelect is an end-to-end technology services provider focused on enterprise software engineering for core business platforms, digital channels, and innovative products. Founded in Johannesburg in 2001, Entelect employs more than 1 000 technology professionals in the areas of software development, data, analysis, UX, and specialised roles.

Visit https://www.salesforce.com/ for more information.

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