Giving Back

The Entelect Foundation

In the past we offered financial support to underprivileged youth within our direct community. As Entelect grew, we extended our Foundation motto of “you can’t outsource your love” by founding our own group of NPO charities and social development enterprises, thus enabling us to fund, run and direct our own charities to reach a broader base of beneficiaries. The primary focus of the Entelect Foundation is to educate, house, feed and uplift those in need.

Foundation Initiatives

Light of Hope Shelter Homes

The Entelect Foundation funds and manages several Light of Hope Shelter Homes throughout South Africa. These are community-based homes for men, women and children (irrespective of age, culture, religion or social class) who have fallen on hard times. This charitable initiative has a very high success rate in helping people to come out of the poverty and dire circumstances that hamper their ability to progress in life.

Feeding Schemes

The Entelect Foundation supports and runs a variety of feeding schemes that involve the preparation and distribution of food parcels and ready meals to those who need them most. The management and beneficiaries of our Shelter Homes are involved in the preparation of hot meals for the destitute in their neighbouring communities, while in other areas we work with various partner charities to ensure a greater geographical reach.

Employment Creation

We try to employ Entelect Foundation beneficiaries wherever possible, either within the Entelect group of companies or within our founding charities. Employment opportunities for those living in our Shelter Homes are also created through our work-based mentorship programme. Partner companies who participate in this programme provide a channel of employment to our beneficiaries and sometimes we also offer assistance to budding entrepreneurs in starting their own small businesses.

Education Support

The Entelect Foundation provides educational support and financial grants to assist those who do not have the resources to complete their studies at a school, tertiary education or basic skills development level.

At our Light of Hope Shelter Homes we also run our own home schools and offer basic ICT training courses for adults. Wherever possible, Entelect staff also volunteer their time mentoring scholars and students.

Social Support

When people hit hard times, no matter what the need, we offer various levels of social support to thousands of people a year. Together with the Alpha and Omega Mission, members of the Entelect Foundation management team assist with weekly counselling and prayer support to those in need. As part of this initiative, we also offer social support grants to families or individuals who have nowhere else to turn and can do with a little financial support to help them get back on their feet again.

Charitable Enterprise Development

Our Charitable Enterprise Development initiative assists in funding and providing technical expertise to Entelect group businesses that are fully owned by the charities that we co-direct and support. These businesses operate as profit-focused entities, but instead of redistributing the income to investors, all their proceeds go to uplifting the underprivileged and marginalised. In this way we can say truly say that we don’t outsource our love, we do it a better way, God’s way of sacrificial love!