2021 Entelect graduate applications are open after this year’s Boot Camp class graduates

Graduate applications are open for 2021

After a challenging two months, our current 64 graduates made it through Entelect’s 2020 Boot Camp. This programme has been running at Entelect for several years and was developed to escalate all our graduates’ technical careers. If you are interested in joining Entelect’s 2021 Graduate Programme and being part of our Boot Camp visit https://culture.entelect.co.za/apply-now

What happens before our Boot Camp kicks off?
The most anticipated initiative of the Entelect Graduate Programme are the highly successful open days for upcoming university graduates, held at our offices in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg and Century City, Cape Town. Our Open Days are by invite only and are open to graduates we have either met and communicated with at Career Days, or who have reached out to us, by applying for graduate roles via https://culture.entelect.co.za/position/graduate/ and who have met our minimum requirements. The main objective of our Open Days is for students to gain a better understanding of the software industry, our company and to get better insights and advice on how to enter the job market. The Entelect leadership and management teams attend every Open Day and students get a chance to meet and ask questions from our CEO, Delivery Managers, Account Managers, Solution Architects and previous graduates.

Because of the overwhelming response from students all over the country to attend these Open Days, this year, we have taken the stance of having these days more often and we hope to kick off the first remote Open Day soon. Our graduate intake for 2021 promises to be very strong and due to our Vacation Work Programme we have already offered several graduates roles for next year.

What is the Entelect Graduate Boot Camp programme?
Each year, we appoint some of the top BSc Computer Science, Engineering and BCom Information Systems graduates from all mainstream universities around the country for our graduate Boot Camp. These graduates start out as full-time Entelect employees, but first complete two months of training and upskilling during our Boot Camp. After completing the Boot Camp programme, the graduates get to work on client or internal projects under the mentorship of our team and technical leads.

Our clients benefit as they get to work with the country’s top graduates who have escalated their technical careers through the programme, while our seniors also benefit personally from helping or people in the specialist areas that they are most passionate about.

Boot Camp covers both the practical and theoretical side of end-to-end technology solutions. All graduates work through this full syllabus, regardless of which solutions stream they will be working on, giving them a rounded understanding of the full software development lifecycle. By the time the graduates have moved through the programme, they will have collaborated to write components of systems in various languages and platforms, all of which would have been vetted and code-reviewed by various technical leads. 

Why do we run this programme?
Entelect’s client base are among the best blue-chip corporates in South Africa. Their appetite for the development of big bespoke systems that differentiate them in the marketplace keeps climbing, hence the demand for talented software engineers. Our extensive training and mentorship programmes are a real differentiator for Entelectuals. Our culture of continuous learning and growing our people is something that is instilled throughout the company.

There is still a severe shortage of high-end software engineering skills in South Africa. This is why we believe investing in quality software engineering training programmes is a global priority.

When building software, engineers need to consider issues such as maintainability, quality, stability, performance, consistent standards, security, and scalability. To build a perfect solution requires the engineer to do all these things in parallel, which is true craftsmanship and takes years of experience. It requires significant thought to be applied to the architecture and design, the ability to apply computer science principles and a strong problem-solving ability. As such, mastering the skills required to deliver great software is a highly adapted talent.

The Entelect Graduate Boot Camp Programme was created to help build great software engineers, who can solve the toughest problems, deliver quality software using best practises, and who are supported by our other 650 top engineers all over the world.

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